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Meet Harris and Izzi.

Harris Rosenberg

Harris Rosenberg FCA

“The detail king”

Harris is the Yoda of accountancy. Being a member of the ICAEW for over 50 years, he has seen and worked with many businesses throughout their lifecycle. As you can imagine, with his experience and expertise that he has gained, his wisdom has helped many Jedi-business-owners reach their full potential.

Both in and out of work, Harris has a kind demeanour and exceptional attention to detail. As an expert in meteorology and a member of the RMetS, he can forecast your next lot of rainfall, while as the Yoda of accountancy, he can foresee both risk and potential in your business’s future.

As well as forecasting, Harris enjoys working with business owners to help them achieve the future that he helps them to see. In his spare time, he loves to spend it all with his wife, children and grandchildren.

Izzi Rosenberg

Izzi Rosenberg ACA

“The Guru”

Your first impression of Izzi – (with the exception of his baldness!) – will be that he’s incredibly passionate about what he does and he’s annoyingly humorous. Seriously, even within accountancy, he somehow manages to make what many find boring come to life. Between his excitement and light-heartedness, you’ll experience finances like never before.

At work, you’ll find him crunching numbers and in his spare time, you’ll see him learning some new software. Yes, he actually enjoys discovering the newest and shiniest accountancy toys! When not at work or playing with tech, Izzi will be active on his bike, tinkering with his car or taking his kids out for an early morning run before school.

If you ask him what his main love is in life, he’ll say it’s helping others with their business. If you ask him what his second love is, he’ll say his wife, two children and his obsession with cars (but he won’t specify the order!).

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